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Bad news: I'm gonna wear lower braces this Sat. afternoon.

Good news:

I ordered a x-bike last night, it's really good for lazy people like me.
I can work out at home and watch tv at the same time!

Shin Hye Sung (申彗星)is going to hold solo concert in Taipei on July 10!!
YES! I just can't believe that he comes to Taiwan 3 times within one year
(Feb, Mar and Jul in 2009, wow!) 
since his last visit (with Shinhwa members) was 9 years ago.
SHS had a Fan Meeting mini concert on Mar 14, 2009.

actually another Shinhwa member-JUNJIN is holding solo concert on Jun 13 too.
Junjin's solo concert is different from SHS's coz he's going to military service soon.
3 members of Shinhwa come to visit Taiwan whithin 6 months, amazing!!

so I'll go to Namie Amuro's (安室奈美惠) con on June 21 and SHS's con on July 10.

my wonderful schedule:
Amuro Namie BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009 in Taipei on 6/21(Sun)
2009 SHIN HYE SUNG ASIA TOUR live in Taiwan @ NTU Stadium on 7/10(Fri)
(any discount for NTU alumni ??)
I luv this summer!!  full of my favorite music~~

Damn it!!
Tickets will be on sale on May 1,
however, there are scalpers line up already for SHS's tickets......

from PTT:
現場已有黃牛 據黃牛說法  會以至少兩倍的價錢脫手 

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