My graduation day was May 11, 2007. Officially I graduated on that day. But after the convocation, I still had a capstone group paper to work on. We just finished it! Right now I am truly graduated!! YES!!! Two and half year is neither a long nor a short time. I am so fortunate that I have such a special experience to learn new stuffs, make more friends, and travel around.

I would like to say THANK YOU for all people who supported and helped me all the time.

First of all, I thank my parents, brothers and my aunts who supported me all the time not only the financial support but also the mental support. Especially my mother, she is the person who pushes me to pursue my dreams.

My professors who treated me well. Our director Hema is very kind and graceful person. Mary who always gave me many useful ideas and recommendation about my papers and she always help me.Joochul is a very special teacher, who helped me a lot for my classes.
Subhro is a strict professor who always made students exhaust but I like him! He is available almost anytime, even on weekend. And the technical skills we learned in PUP 642 Planning Method II are useful too.
Carlos is a young and enthusiastic teacher. I like him but I don't like his class – Planning Theory, ha! Planning Theory is our required class and students have countless long papers to write. And I think the presentation is the worst I've ever had. I just felt so nervous and forgot everything I planned to say.
Professor Lai is the instructor of Planning Law. Honestly I really don't like that class. I felt so frustrated at that time. He is Chinese but can't speak Chinese well since he came to US in his early childhood.

My lovely classmates who are patient and teach me many things.

My capstone team Maricopa: Don, Markus, Sasha and Sarah. Our team is the best team I've ever had during MUEP program. We had lots of fun and we also worked hard (yep, even after graduation ceremony…..ha!).
Sarah is my best friend in MUEP program and helps me A LOT outside of classes.
Milagros, the first MUEP classmate I met in ASU and we took many classes together. Her daughter Mia is very very CUTE! She works, takes care of Mia and goes to school at the same time!
Don is our outstanding student. Brilliant! He is nice and his cat is the king in his house. I don't know why I just love to mention his cat. He did a great job in our capstone paper. I love his idea.
Markus is a humorous guy. He was the Vice President of the graduate student government at ASU. We went to APA together and had lots of fun there. He also worked as our team speaker and did a great job for our team.
Chris is my teammate in PUP 501 Idea of Planning (Don is my teammate as well), he is smart and kind. He specially helped me a lot in Planning Law class. (By the way, I saw professor Lai in the ceremony) His son is adorable. I feel so sorry that he couldn't attend our graduation ceremony.
Sasha loves NBA just like me. PHX SUNS NO.1, Go! SUNS!! Her daughter Jolie is cute too. By the way, she has a scooter! So cool!!
Joanie, a planner in City of Scottsdale, just got engaged after we came back from APA. I am so happy for her. She is a pretty girl and has elegant sense of fashion. Any clothes work perfect on her.
Matt, another clever guy, gets the volunteer opportunity offered by Peace Crops and is going to China for 27 months. I hope he will be doing well there. Farewell my friend!
Lisa is a hardworking and spectacular female. We were in the same team in PUP 598 Environmental Planning and PUP 520 Planning Method I classes. Hopefully I can keep work hard as she does.
Janet is the only one who always calls me Ching-Yi and she pronounced it correct! Thank you Janet!
Teri and Sangeeta are my PUP642 teammates, they're good as well.

A special thank to the friends who attended my graduation ceremony. Elson, Ashley, Jody, Ken, Derek, and Marco, I am so happy that you guys can come! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
My other ASU friends: Peter, Jocelyn, Wayne, Money, Dyon, Harry, Daphne and Bun, Yi-Chin, Ann, Stanley, Jerry, Jimmy, Monica, Vega, An-Chi, etc.

Oh my God, too many people I wanna say thank you. Wow! Looks like I've got an Oscar. Anyway, thanks to all my dear friends in US and Taiwan or anywhere.

My families

My aunt and uncle-in-law in Las Vegas.

I took a flight to Vegas before my graduation and drove her car back to AZ.

Team Maricopa and Professor Hema and Mary

Chris,Maggie and Marshell + Sasha, her husband and lovely Jolie.

Joanie and me bumped into each other at WalMart just 10 hrs before our graduation ceremony!

Clever Matt and me.

Lisa and Markus.

Milagros and Mia!

my dear friends!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL






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