I gave a formal presentation to the Maricopa City Council this morning. 
We introduced them our unique project "Cultivating Maricopa" which cost us the whole semester to create. 

This presentation is the final end of my Master of Urban and Environmental Planning Program. It is enforced by School of Planning that every group needs to present their long-term plan to their city. So we gave this presentation even though we already graduated. Seeing my teammates again really made me happy! I miss the time we had.

There were lots of people in the presentation. The mayor, vice-mayor, council members and city planners all came to our presentation. I didn’t feel nervous badly, that’s good to me! Fortunately it was a really good presentation according to the City Council and the planners. We have the same thoughts and directions as the City and County have. While encourage economic development, we also preserve the heritage of the City and make it as their identity.

This is definitely an excellent experience for me. As a planner, (well, hopefully I’ll be a real city planner) you must have excellent communication skills to convince the citizens and municipal leaders. I’ve always been afraid of public speaking but nobody know that why a person like me chooses to be a planner. Neither do I know the reason. Maybe I am just fascinated by the magic of urban planning. Hopefully I’ll become a planner having creative and thorough planning ideas in the future.



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