I was wake up by a phone call and was informed having a phone interview on last Tuesday (9/18). 
The speaking speed on the other side was too fast, I didn’t catch the name of city I’m going to interview with…The only thing I know is City of Sxxxxxx in Taxes, that’s it.  Fortunately I always keep a copy of the applications and job descriptions.


Okay, so I found out the City I am going to interview with is City of San Angelo, Taxes. 
I was scheduled a phone interview on 9/24 since I am an out-of-state applicant. 
There will be 6 people in the interview panel asking some “general” questions.

The position is transportation planner I, which is my dream job. 
I am personally interested in transportation planning, especially in public transit.


I think 24 is my lucky number, coz all my two interview were on 24th !!

Thanks for Ken, he gave me many suggestions on my preparation. 
Hopefully we can meet in Taxes if I get the job.


The interview was quite different from last one. 
There were more detail questions than behavioral ones. 
I think the reason I was chose to be interviewed is because my GIS skill. 
Thanks God I took GIS class!


After a 42-minute interview, I am exhausted…….


The Questions were the following:

1. Are you familiar with MPO? Do you have any experience with MPO?

2. Why do you apply for this position?

3. Tell me more about your capstone project about the pedestrian and bikeway plan.

4. What 3 qualities you will like to teach in this position? (your 3 strengths)

5. What are 2 favor things the job giving you?

6. How do you handle a situation where an angry resident confronts you and is upset about a  
    zoning change, board of adjustment decision, a regulation, or site plan or plat approval?

7. Tell me about a class that you disliked and why.

8. Do you have problem to handle having multiple projects at one time?

9. Do you have problem having 2 bosses?

10. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

11. Do you prefer to work as a team or a panel?

12. What is your ideal work environment?

13. How would you describe your personality?

14. Discuss your knowledge of various software, including spreadsheets and mapping.

15. What experience have you had using GIS?

16. Do you familiar with database?

17. Do you have driver’s license? What type of driver’s license?

18. Is there a problem relocating? How long do you need to relocate?

19. What kind of town frame are you looking for?




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